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BREAKING NEWS: WWE star announces his retirement

BREAKING NEWS: WWE star announces his retirement
By WWE News

According to reports in Toronto from fans in attendance, Santino Marella has announced his retirement from in-ring competition. Santino told the crowd that he suffered his third neck injury. Santino was born in Mississauga, Ontario but has been billed as being from Calabria, Italy. Santino, 35, said earlier this week in an interview that his career was winding down and was interested in staying with the company in a non-wrestling role. He’s been featured on the WWE Network pre-shows in recent weeks.

During his speech he apologized for the crowd for not being able to perform and said that he is proud to be Canadian.

Click here for video of Santino’s retirement speech in Toronto.


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  • [email protected]

    Well sad to see him leave the mat. But he must do whats best for his health. Look foward to seeing him around the WWE he is talented so they should use him for a long time.

  • bigpunisher420

    Well if he gave up the Italian gimmick then he must really be retiring cause he couldn’t go back and wrestle after that

  • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

    WWE could’ve done so much more with Santino.

  • Zach20_

    Really? Am I the only one who doesn’t give two rats behinds about santino? He’s a queer that don’t belong in wrestling

  • Ken Howell

    Every entertainer does the best with whatever they’re allowed to. Santino just got stuck as comic relief and embraced it. I’ll miss that sum of a gum

  • Peter Romanski


  • Me

    If you don’t care that a man had to cut his career short because of an injury, then you’re not a real wrestling fan

  • matt

    Yep you are alone in your ignorant bigotry, because you are the worst kind of wrestling fan.


    smart by him, not like he ever had a serious gimmick or was in any major battles, i think he deserves a retirement speech on Raw doesn’t matter if he was booked to win championships like Ric Flair or not he is hard worker for WWE and does probably more than the faces of WWE, well very sad to see him go, but good luck Santino :)

  • Rick Learst

    Missed seeing you Santino when not performing on TV. I remember watching you wrestle for the first time on WWE, just a fan coming out of the audience to take the challenge, and you won. Couldn’t believe your excitement. I believe you won over the people the very first time. I’ve been watching pro wrestling for 65 years, and it’s guys like you, Santino, that keeps us interested in the sport, coming to the live events, and watching WWE every week. Sure, most of your matches are corny, but that’s sports entertainment, your talent, keeps us coming back. Congrats on your retirement, take care of yourself, your health is first. I believe we will be seeing you for years to come. Thanks you for all your contributions to the fans.

  • namags

    Not A Huge Loss In Ring Or Gimmick Wise Maybe This Means Emma Can Drop The Dumb Snake Bullshit

  • truth

    lmfao it’s one thing to not like a wrestler for real reasons such as no mic skills or horrible in ring ability but hating on someone for being ability “queen that don’t belong in wrestling” makes you the embodiment of what’s wrong with humans today

  • Mick Daley

    Sad to see him retire. He was more entertaining that many on the roster.

  • WWE Fan

    COBRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Thanks for the laughs, Santino!

  • Sarah Rennie

    Sad to see him go, but at least it’s somewhat on his own terms instead of being forced. With that said, who’s the WWE going to attach Emma onto now?

  • Matt

    Santino retires! SONAMAGAAN. There is a God after all.

  • Andy Marks

    This is no joke!How many wrestlers had no choice but to quit wrestling due to severe injury?Santino did the right thing and I wish him well.

  • Hector Acevedo

    an iPad case.;)

  • Rated Republican

    The crowd in Milwaukee wanted Santino to beat Daniel Bryan in the Elimination Chamber match for the World Title at EC 2012.

  • shaun


  • Diablo130356

    @ Sarah Rennie: “With that said, who’s the WWE going to attach Emma onto now?”

    Probably a store detective!
    Hey just had an idea that maybe that would be a good return opening for IRS or The Mountie?

    Santino did a pretty good job as light entertainment, with some of the awful WWE scripted “humour” for quite a long time. Given the chance he COULD wrestle. But there is no joy or respect in getting hurt for playing the bottom rung clown.

    Good luck to him, he made a decision I wish some others in WWE would make, NOT so great Khali, Hornswoggle and a couple of others, I’m looking at YOU. At least Santino was supposed to be funny.

    What are your excuses?

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