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CM Punk and AJ Lee getting married next month

WWE News

CM Punk was a guest at the announcers booth today for the Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Punk cracked some jokes and said that he’s not working much these days. There was no mention of WWE but he did reveal that he is getting married next month which probably explains why AJ Lee took time off.

AJ was in the booth too. Click here for video of Punk and AJ from today’s game. Punk joked that AJ would kill him because they put her on camera.



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  • RealityEra

    My best wishes for the both of them!

  • Guest

    He doesn’t look brutally exhausted anymore, so good for him.

  • Bulkster

    Congrats to A.J. I’m surprised she is marrying a non wrestler though. Good luck to her and Mr. Lee.

  • Jose Zarate

    He is a lucky guy…hopefully he comes back to wwe

  • Swagger

    Good for them. I hope it works out well.

  • Austin Surelvi

    He’s actually under contract, so that means he is a wrestler. It’s Mr & Mrs. Brooks.

  • Arron

    Well, a professional always stays a pro wrestler till he dies. That is the wrestling spirit for you.

  • Bulkster

    He could be under the ring for all I care, you’re not a wrestler if you don’t wrestle.

  • nevermndthename

    As a fan of both athletes, all that mattersto me is that theu are both happy and truly in-love. Although it just saddens me that Punk has to forget about the career he works hard for just to get that happiness.

  • Joe Miller

    Lucky bastard had the dream job told his boss to F@@K off banged a few of wwe ‘s hottest divas and who knows who else and now marrying the finest diva ever oh and he’s rich what a charmed life he worked his ass off and is now reaping the benefits a true underdog story awesome for him

  • Ivan Bliminse

    Her career is done since she’s marrying the guy who quit

  • j

    Bad logic. So once someone retires they never had the job in the first place.?

  • Brandon Roberts

    Congratulations i hope they both have a long and happy marriage:)

  • Edward Schriner

    Finest Diva? I think not! I can think of plenty in the past that AJ Lee could NEVER hold a candle to, such as Lita, Trish Stratus, Maryse, & Mickie James! Just because she held the title the longest does not make her the finest! I do wish them all the happiness in the world though because this is a couple, whom like Brie and Bryan Danielson, truly belong together!

  • George Hook

    I’m intrigued if this relationship is going to enter into their ringwork in any way. In any event, it’s going to be cool having her here around Chicago this summer, possibly in a Payback comeback.

  • Josh Drewien


  • http://www.wwe.com VoiceOfTheVoiceless

    Or maybe the Era that Trish/Lita/Mickie performed in and the level of competition had something to do with their HOF careers. AJ is the finest of the current roster, Paige included. Maryse? Please.

  • maria zanetta

    congratulations punk and aj enjoy your marriage and have fun , I wish you both of you return to the rings soon. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Fatal

    I agree with everyone you stated by Mickie James. I just don’t find Mickie James at all attracting. She had a nice ass but that’s about it.

  • Fatal

    sigh I meant but* Mickie James. Do not know how to edit these posts.

  • Paul

    What God will join together let NO ONE put asunder!!! You admirers leave these 2 alone.

  • http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/welcome.html Speakingplaintalk

    Best for a wonderful new life together to AJ and CM.

  • adztheman

    Calm down Sparky…
    Punk is known for fan interaction around Chicago on a regular basis..
    Mickey James has some nice boobs…her ”Leg Show” pics which can be Googled indicate a very sexy side…
    A-J and Paige should have a nice program once she gets back…meanwhile, Phil gets another couple of months of paychecks, since he fulfilled his WWE obligations, and got plenty of PPV Bonus Checks…I would image he’s set for a good long time…

  • bummed1

    Congrats, Punk, AJ! Now that Bryan got married and they plastered that all over WWE, going to wonder how they’ll present this when AJ returns. Punk, miss ya, get back in the ring! Signed — A fellow suburbanite of Chicago.

  • joseph

    Thats really cool!!

  • moonmop

    Different strokes for different folks and all that. Never understood the mindset of people who respond to someone else’s opinion as if they’re wrong.

  • Edward Schriner

    I was rating by skill and not looks but Mickie James is not as ugly as people think she is. Besides, she could be a lot worse off like Luna Vachon!