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Global Force Wrestling VP of Production rips Sports Illustrated for Anthem-GFW story

Photo Credit: GFW / Anthem

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Global Force Wrestling VP of Production rips Sports Illustrated for Anthem-GFW story

Kevin Sullivan, Global Force Wrestling’s VP of Production, took to Twitter to rip on Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso for his report on Anthem-GFW. Specifically, he took issue with Barrasso saying that Anthem was ready to sell GFW. All I can say on this subject is that people within GFW have denied the story. On the flip side, people in TNA (including Dixie Carter) were denying sale talks last year. Dana White was denying sale talks before UFC was sold to WME-IMG. So, if they are really trying to sell then I would not expect anyone to confirm and most people in the company would be kept in the dark until a sale happens or if the company closes. Sullivan could be telling the truth or he might not be in the loop. Time will tell.

Sullivan wrote the following:

“@SInow when did it become ok to print bs? As a journalism major, I find your fact checking to be less than diligent. @SInow will you be following up with another story with the facts? @GFWWrestling is: Launching the Global Wrestling Network. Is launching on Pluto TV. Is launching in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, via ran FIGHTING. And extended their deal on @PopTV. @SInow “Anthem is committed to broadening Global Force Wrestling’s footprint, as we work alongside international broadcast partners…@SInow “…digital platforms and professional wrestling promotions to bring our passionate fans a high-quality product…@SInow “…that not only stands out in today’s media landscape but continues to thrive into the future. @SInow Uncertain future?”

Meanwhile, Barrasso appeared on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio to address his story about Anthem “hemorrhaging funds.”

Barrasso stood by his story and said that Anthem is looking to get out of wrestling because it’s tough to have an incentive to stay in the game when you are losing money over and over again. He said, “I know we’ve said it a lot with GFW/IMPACT, but this is the death blow.”

Listen to Barrasso by clicking on the player below:

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