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Impact spoilers; news on Jeff Hardy’s return; changes to Team MVP (airs 3/6/14)

Impact spoilers; news on Jeff Hardy’s return; changes to Team MVP (airs 3/6/14)
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* Kazarian and Daniels come out as The British Bulldogs for an Xplosion match. Kaz is The Dynamite Kaz and Daniels is Daniels Boy Smith. Daniels vs. German wrestler Bad Bones is up for Xplosion. Daniels gets the win.

* The final Impact before Lockdown kicks off with Bobby Roode, Zema Ion and BroMans in the ring. Roode talks about Lockdown. Something has changed and this is now Team Dixie. Austin Aries comes out and talks about helping Roode beat MVP last week. Aries wants half of the 10% stake in TNA that Dixie Carter gave Roode to captain her team at Lockdown. MVP comes out with The Wolves and both sides face off in the ring. Dixie comes out and gets between the two groups. She has words with MVP. MVP reveals that Jeff Hardy is returning at Lockdown to be part of Team MVP. It will now be MVP, Hardy and The Wolves vs. Roode, Aries and BroMans. A brawl breaks out and we get a match.

* Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Robbie E vs. MVP and The Wolves under elimination rules is up next. Robbie gets pinned first. Roode pins MVP, which will be twice in two weeks of TV. Apparently Aries and Eddie Edwards had a great exchange in this match. Edwards and Davey Richards were said to be the stars of the match. It came down to one or two of The Wolves and Roode. Our correspondent says the match ended in an odd way and more than half the crowd seemed distracted by security breaking up a big fight between two drunk guys in the crowd. Even the wrestlers stopped to watch the fight. There was also no explanation before the match about the elimination stipulation or the rules.

* Ethan Carter III is out to cut a promo on Kurt Angle and Lockdown. Ethan calls himself The American Icon. Angle comes out and they have words before Ethan escapes the ring. They finally brawl in and out of the ring and Ethan puts a submission on Kurt’s knees.

* Sam Show comes out and is met by “creepy bastard” chants. Mr. Anderson is out next with Eric Young. Shaw vs. EY ends in a disqualification when Anderson gets involved.

* Alpha Female, Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB is up next. ODB was said to be over big time with the crowd. Chris Sabin was at ringside for Alpha and taunted Velvet during the match. Velvet ends up getting the win for her team.

* Gunner comes out for an in-ring promo but is interrupted by James Storm. They have words and Storm gets in a cheap shot. They brawl and that’s it.

* It’s announced they will be re-filming the elimination match from earlier, probably because of the confusion and the fans watching the fight in the crowd. They tape around 5 minutes of Bobby Roode vs. Davey Richards, which was the ending of the elimination match. Roode got the pin for his team.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus are out for the final segment. Lots more heel heat for Magnus here. Bully Ray ends up coming out and getting into it with Joe. The final Impact before Lockdown ends with Joe putting Bully through a table and leaving.

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