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Alberto El Patron pulls out of Reddit AMA due to “scheduling conflicts”

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Alberto El Patron pulls out of Reddit AMA due to “scheduling conflicts”

Alberto El Patron was scheduled to do a Reddit AMA on Friday. He was supposed to be on at 5 pm eastern to take questions about “all things MMA and #CopaCombate,” according to a tweet sent out on Thursday by Combate Americas.

Well, that AMA was canceled and the company said that “scheduling conflicts” were the reason. The company stated, “Unfortunately, @PrideOfMexico ’s Reddit AMA is being postponed to a later date due to scheduling conflicts. We’ll be back with a new time and date soon!”

It’s not clear what the scheduling conflicts are but the news came out shortly after we reported on his break up with Paige. That may be a coincidence but, as fans pointed out on social media, it was clear that he was going to be asked about the break-up. Last week when he was interviewed by TMZ, he was talking as if he and Paige were still together even though the word on them is that they broke up many weeks ago and Paige, who is living with a roommate and preparing for her WWE return, has not posted anything about him in weeks.

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