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Alberto El Patron’s charity event and restaurant shut down

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Alberto El Patron’s charity event and restaurant shut down

There’s a weird story being reported by MedioTiempo in Mexico about Alberto El Patron’s co-promotion with the FULL for a wrestling/charity event that was canceled.

Originally, he said that the Mexican government could have been to blame for shutting down the event but he has since backtracked on what he said and does not blame them anymore. He said that he knows the exact person responsible for canceling but he doesn’t want to name the person because of a legal issue. He claimed that the Toluca football club offered to let him use their facilities, which would include their soccer stadium, but it’s probably too big for them right now but they’d like to use it someday. The theory, according to Lucha Blog, is that they were not approved to host a wrestling event there because they didn’t have enough security. Both sides are blaming each other for the cancellation.

This cancellation is the latest in a long list of odd stories tied to El Patron over the last couple of years, including reports of backstage arguments and independent show cancellations. La Cantinita, a restaurant that he opened in San Antonio last year, apparently shut down last month. There is an advertisement for lease on the building and users on Yelp have reported that the restaurant has closed down.

Alberto is claiming that the restaurant will relaunch with a new name and concept. He said, “We are changing name and concept we got tired of having the franchise stealing from us… sorry 4the inconvenience we will b back I 2 months.”

Here is the original video (in Spanish) of him talking about the cancellation of his wrestling/charity event. In the video below he gets emotional while talking about the event and about not seeing his kids in 2 weeks:

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