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Reason for Johnny Impact’s recent absence

Impact Wrestling

Reason for Johnny Impact’s recent absence

Johnny Impact/Hennigan/Mundo/Morrison is a very busy guy who is often involved with more than one project at one time. He’s currently working for both Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground and is still able to find time to act whenever he can.

But it looks like one commitment has kept him out of the ring in recent weeks which caused him to miss a chunk of Impact Wrestling television tapings.

At this time it looks like everything is still good between Impact and Impact Wrestling because The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Johnny was simply on location filming the new season of Survivor.

They recently completed filming in Fiji so he will likely be back to the ring soon. But it was probably a nice vacation for him even though I can think of better vacations than scrounging around looking for food and dehydrating on some beach while you are forced to play games in the hot sun so you can stay in a torturous environment. But to each their own.

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