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AAA’s Joaquin Roldan passes away

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AAA’s Joaquin Roldan passes away

We are sorry to report that Joaquin Roldan has passed away at the age of 63, according to the official AAA Twitter account.

Roldan, the husband of Marisela Pena, took over after founder Antonio Pena (Marisela’s brother) passed away in 2007. It’s not clear what the cause of death is but he had not been appearing on TV as much over the last year and he was inducted into the AAA Hall Of Fame at TripleMania in August. This has led to speculation that he had been dealing with an illness. Pantilla Deportiva reported that he passed away after battling cancer but that has not been confirmed by AAA officials. The cancer story does make sense since Roldan had been noticeably thinner in his final public appearances.

Roldan was also a babyface authority figure on AAA TV and owned a part of Lucha Underground. For years, as the AAA authority figure, he feuded with Konnan and Dorian Roldan.

This is a huge story in Mexico.

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