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Cody Rhodes cuts outstanding promo on WWE inside ROH ring

Photo Credit: ROH

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Cody Rhodes cuts outstanding promo on WWE inside ROH ring

Ring Of Honor is doing a little stint of shows around Texas while WWE is ironically doing the same thing. The two companies happened to be in San Antonio at the same time on Friday night where The Bullet Club was out in full force.

Cody Rhodes took the microphone and proudly announced that NXT was not sold out in San Antonio while ROH was. This brought a huge pop from the indy wrestling crowd.

He brought up the fact that those individuals who keep them from saying “too sweet” are down the road and they’re not sold out… Cody likes that and so did everyone the sold-out ROH show.

The crowd was raucous and nobody could deny Cody’s point wasn’t made. Even if they couldn’t say it was “too sweet,” it certainly was.

All in all, it was a very successful night for ROH and the Bullet Club where their fans got a chance to mee their heroes. As Cody’s wife Brandi so eloquently put it, this is a “heck of a time to be both a wrestler and a wrestling fan.”

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