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Former ring announcer says she has been sexually harassed by promoters and wrestlers

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Former ring announcer says she has been sexually harassed by promoters and wrestlers

Heather Lynn, who used to work for WWNLive promotions Shine, Evolve and FIP, took to Twitter to talk about sexual harassment that she had to endure during her time in the wrestling business.

She wrote:

“Oh the sexual harassment stories that could be told about the wrestling business. Some by me, I’m sure some by many others. I’ve been sexually harassed by promoters and wrestlers. Problem is no one ever believes us. Maybe one day I’ll speak up. #wrestling #sexualharassment”

“It’s part of the reason why I don’t even bother being in the business anymore. There are some sick, sick people in it.”

“We used to have a name for hugs at a certain promotion I was at. They were called “_____-hugs” with the name of the promoter in the blank and he would give them to the girls, rubbing our lower backs and holding us real close. We all knew we were getting these hugs. 1/2″

“2/2 When the promoter found out I had a boyfriend, even though I never hid it, I just didn’t advertise it because of personal reasons, I got reprimanded for not telling the promoter even though nothing had ever happened between us, and I wasn’t used as much. #wrestling”

She gave a hint on who she was talking about (note that WWNLive has a working relationship with WWE):

She clarified to let everyone know that she was not talking about Gabe Sapolski:

Here is her response when someone asked if she was talking about Sal Hamaoui (WWNLive President/CEO):

She later wrote:

“The reason I am speaking out now is because I no longer have anything to do with the business side of wrestling and I don’t need to worry about getting or losing bookings. Yes, I should have said something sooner, but it’s also scary because wrestling is very much a “boys club” ”

“There are many girls who have gone through what I have, and worse I’m sure, but don’t speak out because they are still involved in the biz. I get it. I have the luxury of being able to speak my mind now. It sucks when you stay quiet and go along with it to keep your bookings.”

“The ONLY reason I have not specifically named names yet other than to deny certain names is because I want to make sure that I am legally protected. Some of these people have more money than me and I don’t want to have to face any legal issues.”

“I am not trying to be vague or coy, you can look at the companies I have worked for and more than likely put two and two together. I will be happy to deny anyone not involved though. I wish more women would speak up with me, but I get it and I will never blame them.”

Lynn tweeted this when she was asked to rule out Trevin Adams (president of FIP):

Hopefolly, Lynn’s tweets will compel other victims to speak out. I am sure there are other people in the business that have similar stories to tell but have remained quiet out of fear of losing their spot or potential job with another company. Her tweets should serve as a reminder to people that this kind of stuff is not only happening in Hollywood and politics. It happens everywhere, including the wrestling business, and more stories like this getting might prevent more incidents from happening.

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