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When The Young Bucks present contract is set to expire

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When The Young Bucks present contract is set to expire

The Young Bucks are one of the top tag teams in the world. Their popularity can be measured not only by a number of stars they accumulate on Dave Meltzer’s scale but by the amount of merchandise they’re able to sell.

The future seems wide open for the Jackson Brothers. However, they seem very happy where they are right now. Even though fans might love watching Nick and Matt Jackson and all of their shenanigans with The Elite some people can’t help but see even bigger things in the future for The Young Bucks. How much further up they could possibly rise is the real question.

Benjamin Morris, senior writer for FiveThirtyEight recently questioned Dave Meltzer about when The Young Bucks current deal is set to expire when he asked, “when are the Young Bucks deals up? Kenny has def hinted he’d like them all to make a big play together, wherever it might be.”

Meltzer’s response sounded quite exact and gives fans an idea of how long this phase of The Young Bucks’ career is likely to last before they start to look forward to even bigger things. After all, they might seem to already be on top of their game but since they show no signs of slowing down it only makes sense that Nick and Matt Jackson will continue to become even bigger names as time goes on.

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