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Will Ospreay apologizes for controversial tweet

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Will Ospreay apologizes for controversial tweet

Will Ospreay posted (and later deleted) the following tweet:

Ospreay later deleted the tweet and then issued an apology. He said, “Once again I can only apologise for those I did offend. You’re not alone I went through the same. Worst thing is I get told all the time keep my mouth shut on here so now I will 100% make it up to you.”

He continued, “Only a hand full of people know this. Being my family & a few friends & those effected. At age 17 I had to appear in court to give evidence over a man that targeted me at the age of 14. This man was a family friend and would stay at my house knowing full well what he did. The only reason he got caught out because a lot of us spoke out to the police about the matter. You should 100% speak up to the correct authorities about any type of assault. But I just can’t stand liars, and should learn to not tweet out my emotions. I completed worded a tweet wrong and can see I have effected so many people that I really do cherish. So sorry for not reading over it. You’re never alone. Nevertheless can only apologise once again about my wording & for making people feel like they can’t speak out.”

I think he meant well and the apology was sincere so hopefully, everyone moves on.

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