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YouTube star really upset Kenny Omega with controversial video

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YouTube star really upset Kenny Omega with controversial video

YouTube has their fair share of controversies pop up from time to time but when Logan Paul took a trip to Japan to visit their infamous suicide forest recently, things really didn’t turn out too well. He captured a dead body on camera and this usually jovial YouTube channel accidentally stumbled into something very serious. Then again, if he didn’t want this result he should have probably stayed out of the Aokigahara forest in the first place.

Kenny Omega has spent a lot of time in Japan and loves the country very much. After all, if it weren’t for New Japan Pro Wrestling he might not be anywhere close to the pinnacle he currently finds himself in. Needless to say, he considers Japan home in many ways and wasn’t amused by the recent controversial video.

Twitter account, We The Unicorns posted a compilation of moments from Logan’s Japanese vacation that included way more footage of him having fun at the expense of the Japanese people and culture. When Omega saw the video he said it was disrespectful and obnoxious and he isn’t alone. Plenty of people have come down on Paul’s video and don’t seem to appreciate the subject matter.

Let’s just say Logan Paul might want to think twice before attending an NJPW show from now on.

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