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Rey Mysterio appears at the end of AAA’s TripleMania pay-per-view

Rey Mysterio appears at the end of AAA’s TripleMania pay-per-view
By WWE News

SuperLuchas.net is reporting that Rey Mysterio appeared at the end of the TripleMania pay-per-view in Mexico City. He appeared in a video with a sombrero hat congratulating AAA on 22 years and told the fans that they will see him soon. At the end of the video there was a message shown reading “#FreeRey.”

There have been reports that Mysterio stopped cashing WWE checks. That may be a sign that he plans to take legal action to get out of his WWE contract. If he cannot get out of his deal then he’s stuck until May of next year.

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  • ED DIxon

    Please Rey do not leave! TOO many children look up to you as a role model. We know WWE is going straight down the toilet, maybe you can save it

  • Ultron 1998

    WWE definitely isn’t going down the toilet lmao

  • rumartin72

    Rey Do not LEAVE please

  • jjstubbz

    Viva la pendejos

  • jjstubbz

    Your momz is going down the toilet….#whatagimp

  • Chris Shaw

    ive been watching wwe over 20 yrs and at the moment it seems like wwe doesnt know which way to go boring

  • John Rosario / “Rex Supreme”

    The WWE needs Rey Mysterio to maintain its PG-rated fan-base. If he does leave, maybe the WWE could just acquire Tigre Uno (from TNA wrestling) to take his place.

  • Michael Anthony LaFleur

    WWE needs to go back to an R rating and stop trying to cater just to the kids.Its the adults that have the money and want to see good old fashion wrestling like i used to watch as a kid. Moon Dog Mane in the middle of the ring putting a cigarette out on his opponent. The pg rating that they are trying to maintain is what is ruining wrestling and losing money for Vince.I remember going to the Cow Palace and watching wrestling at 10 years old and I loved the bloody matches more then anything. Thats when they used to really put on a show for us and wrestling became popular

  • Michael Anthony LaFleur

    That was 39 years ago and I am still a fan just really disapointed in the direction WWE has taken

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