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Jeff Hardy says Total Non-Stop Deletion will be funnest wrestling show ever, comments on issues surrounding TNA

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Jeff Hardy says Total Non-Stop Deletion will be funnest wrestling show ever, comments on issues surrounding TNA

Jeff Hardy recently spoke with CBS Sports to promote his new album “Spawn Of Me.” During the interview, he was asked which song that he has the deepest connection to. Hardy noted that the song “Spawn of Me” was dedicated to both of his daughters. Another song that is featured on the album is called “Irreversible, ” and it’s about his fears of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). He stated that it’s so scary what it can do to a person in the long run and confirmed that he has suffered several concussions in the past. “If I do a little flat bump and I hit my head really hard, there’s like a strange vibration, and I’m like “Oh my God, did I just have a concussion?” And a lot of times it’s like a déjà vu sensation like I’ve been there before.” He noted that he had not sustained a concussion in about six months. He is thankful that most promotions have eliminated things like chair shots to the head, because, in his words, it was just ridiculous. “When we first started, everybody was taking chair shots to the head. The song also talks about suicidal thoughts. They haven’t gotten to me yet. Basically, it’s about my fear about developing CTE, and I think you can only get tested for that when you’re dead. But I feel really good.”

When asked about Total Non-Stop Deletion at the Hardy compound in North Carolina and if he thinks he would be allowed to stuff like that in another promotion, Hardy stated that it all began with Final Deletion. Hardy noted that it will be the funnest wrestling show ever because they did some wild stuff and something that the fans cannot miss. He doesn’t think that they could do the same thing in another promotion but he said that he could be wrong. “As far as I’m concerned, right now, I want to stay with something new and fresh instead of going back to something old that I’ve already been to and done a lot for and with. I don’t think we can go wrong with staying at TNA and seeing where it goes in the future. Hopefully make it the best company that it can be.”

When asked about the various changes in TNA and the recent legal battle between Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan, Hardy stated that it’s been strange. He noted that Corgan is a good friend of his and he loves pro wrestling. Hardy also said that he understands that Corgan was a huge investor but now he is out of the promotion and that TNA has not told the wrestlers anything. “They’re paying people and taking care of things. I’m not sure what’s going to happen or where it’s going to go. I’m just going to have faith in the company. Especially if they build the show around myself and Matt. I don’t think they can go wrong with that.”

This is a very good interview, and you can it read here.


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