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Jeff Jarrett comments on wrestlers departing from Impact Wrestling, possibly holding a PPV in India, more

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Impact Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett comments on wrestlers departing from Impact Wrestling, possibly holding a PPV in India, more

Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with SportsKeeda while touring with Impact Wrestling in India. During the interview, he was asked if Impact will see a pay-per-view being produced in India. Jarrett said that a part of the rebuilding of the brand is to crawl before you can walk and then run. He brought up how India is a big part of their priority in that they want to grow this. He mentioned that they produce 196 hours of original content a year and 8 hours here in Mumbai.

“I think that’s the starting point and we would love to not only produce Impact Episodes but also pay-per-views, live events and create merchandising and licensing. You know, our digital content has exploded all around the world, but India, with Google Analytics you can look at it from a market-to-market basis and India’s right there at the very top.”

There have been a few wrestlers who have departed from Impact Wrestling over the last year. The most notable names are Jeff and Matt Hardy. When asked if the departures from the company, as well as how having fresh blood coming into Impact, will affect the product. He said that when one door closes, another always opens. “In the reorganization, the rebuilding of the brand, we had to make decisions, others made decisions for themselves. Yes, talent went out of the door. New talent came in.”

He brought up how at the end of the day, the prior regime lost the Spike TV deal then they lost Destination America and some top talent such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode. He added that it’s no secret that if it had not been for Anthem, then he would not be sitting in Mumbai talking about producing content the next day.

“So they took the brand…it wasn’t just in the grave…it was in the graveyard with the coffin shut, and they brought it out. Before they came on board, I won’t even call it a comedy of errors…in the financial world, they call it a ‘death spot, ’ and that’s what happened. Anyone who was part of it, not from the outside looking in, but from the inside looking out, knows that it wouldn’t have existed. Talent, production…it goes down to the square footage of the office space…that was changed. We’ve got opportunities around the world. Spike TV in the United Kingdom is a huge opportunity. World of Sport. We’ve got opportunities in Israel. We’ve got opportunities through Africa. United States and Canada. Game Network and Fight Network…it’s all a part of digging our heels in, doing work, but we’re all excited about it, and I’m personally very thankful about the opportunity.”

Jarrett also talked the final days of WCW, who he would like to work with, if he is wrestling at Slammiversary and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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