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Jeff Jarrett reaches deal with Anthem to return to TNA

Photo Credit: Global Force Wrestling

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Jeff Jarrett reaches deal with Anthem to return to TNA

Jeff Jarrett has reached a deal with Anthem to return TNA, according to PWinsider. As noted, Jarrett and Ed Norholm of Anthem Media have been in talks since last month about Jarrett returning to the company that he founded. He has been in Florida this week and will be backstage at this week’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings at Universal Studios. While Jarrett is back in TNA, this doesn’t mean the end of Global Force Wrestling, which he launched in 2014, as he is still trying to TV deal in conjunction with “American Ninja Warrior” production company A. Smith & Co. Productions in Los Angeles.

Also, Dutch Mantell, who went by the name Zeb Colter in WWE, is also back in TNA and will be at the TV tapings. It’s believed that Jarrett will be working with talent as well as with the creative team. Mantel was a part of TNA’s creative team in the early days of the company.

As noted in the press release that Anthem issued on Wednesday, Dixie Carter has stepped down as Chairman and now owns a minority share of the company. It was said by one person in TNA that with Jarrett being brought back in the company is proof that Carter is done with TNA and has no power. It will be interesting to see if Jarrett appears on upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling.


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