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Matt Hardy talks about Total Nonstop Deletion, The Young Bucks, more


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Matt Hardy talks about Total Nonstop Deletion, The Young Bucks, more

Matt Hardy recently spoke with Josh Barnett of For The Win to promote Thursday’s Total Nonstop Deletion special. During the interview, he was asked if the response to the ‘Broken’ saga has surprised him. Hardy noted that the first first contract signing between himself and Jeff Hardy made it clear that some fans hate it or they love it. “I knew we were on to something because it evoked so much emotion and that’s the most important thing in this industry. After Final Deletion and Delete or Decay and the Great War, people have embraced my broken universe.” He noted that the goal of the broken universe is to entertain the fans on the largest level possible and he feels that he has tapped into something that has never been done in pro wrestling. He said that the fans will love Total Nonstop Deletion because of all the insanity and craziness.

Hardy appeared on-screen at the ROH Final Battle PPV event and told The Young Bucks to appear at Total Nonstop Deletion. When asked about appearing at the event, he noted that he invited them to appear at Total Nonstop Deletion to prove that they’re the greatest tag team of all time. “Many people view them as the greatest tag team currently. We must prove that we are. That is what the Seven Deities have mandated us to do.” Hardy believes that TNA is okay with him building a bridge with ROH and that ROH is cool with their talent coming into his broken universe.

Hardy also talked about what’s left for him to do in wrestling and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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