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Rockstar Spud explains why he had no issue with losing to Matt Hardy’s son, comments on almost quitting wrestling

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Rockstar Spud recently spoke with The Sun about his career and more. During the interview, he was asked about nearly quitting pro wrestling. He stated that he was going to get in really good shape when he turned thirty, and that is when he came close to quitting. He then noted that he got a call to do the TNA British Boot Camp in the August 2013 and that they started filming the show. He noted that he had to live with his parents and barely being about to afford to pay the rent. He was working in a bank and has no problem with saying that he had a full-time job while he was wrestling until he signed with TNA. He noted that now he saves his money because that has always been instilled in him. He noted that he lives in a condo in Nashville, TN.

When asked about losing to Matt Hardy’s son, one-year-old King Maxel, at Total Nonstop Deletion, Spud stated that fans would say that he got buried by doing the job, but he doesn’t think so because he is on TV. He noted that if he weren’t on TV, then he would’ve been buried. He said that he plays a character on TV and that his character deserved to be beaten by a child. He made it clear that he had no problem with losing to Maxel.

Rockstar Spud also discussed UK wrestling scene and more. You can read the full interview here.

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