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Vince McMahon phasing out Adam Rose? Details here

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Adam Rose was off Raw this week and wrestled on WWE Superstars instead. That is an indication that Vince McMahon is cooling off on the character. As reported several weeks ago, Rose had an uphill climb since he was already deemed a failure by the office after his first week when he didn’t get the response that they wanted. There were signs of life for the character when he got great pops in the United Kingdom.

McMahon is not someone that easily accepts new people as main players on the roster and is said to not be sold on any of the recent characters that were brought up to the roster. Kevin Dunn has buried Rose and Vince is not sold on the character either. It’s the same reason why Paige has the Divas title but they haven’t done much character development on her. Kevin Dunn (Vince’s right hand man), is a huge supporter of Alicia Fox so that’s why she is being featured so prominently.

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  • Bon Crue Fadley

    Wow at Dave Meltzer. he seems to think because Adam Rose wasnt on Raw this week and was on superstars means hes already being Buried. Funny then i guess a Month ago when Kofi was on Superstars and 3 weeks ago when Big Show was on Superstars they are both Burried

  • Phil Wright

    You know it means something different when Big Show Is on Super Stars then when Adam Rose is. And they do kind of bury Kofi…

  • Scott Reichart

    When has big show’s last time on superstars what like 2009 when the show was on WGN america

    Rose has been on TV less than 2 months and one superstars apperance doesnt mean jack

    I think the shield had a match on superstars in its early goings and so have the wyatts.

    Rose is appearing on smack down this week so that shoots down that pile of rubbish story

    Heck fandango in his early days post wm29 had several matches on superstars

  • Boris

    Except they completely dropped Rose’s feud with Swagger, and he rarely shows up now. Moron.

  • Scott Reichart

    Ummmm the swagger fued eñd on smackdown before payback. And it look like he may be fussing with fandango next. Watch smack down this week moron

    1 week not on raw doesn’t mean jack you lamer