WWE executives hesitant to push Daniel Bryan when he returns


The feeling at Raw among some of the wrestlers last Monday was that Daniel Bryan was no longer seen as someone that company officials would want to put back into the main event picture right away. People noted that the company would never consider bringing up John Cena, Batista, or Triple H in a minimal role on the WWE Kickoff show but they are doing so with Daniel Bryan. Plus, you can see a major difference with how they book Roman Reigns. Reigns always looks good when he deals with heels and never comes off like Bryan did during Bryan’s championship run. Bryan’s run consisted of him getting destroyed in a match with Kane (even though Bryan did win), Kane no sold the loss by getting up right away, and then Bryan running away from Kane the next night on Raw. Guys like Cena, Reigns, Batista, would never have been booked that way.

There’s also a feeling in the company that the bubble for Bryan has popped. There are people in management that feel that Bryan got injured at a time when they needed him the most so now they’ll be more hesitant to give him the ball to run as a top guy. Another thing that’s brought up is that Bryan was originally supposed to wrestle Sheamus at WrestleMania 30 and the only reason Bryan got the big push was because CM Punk quit the company so Bryan was used to fill the slot against Triple H.

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  • Thomas

    I disagree with the comment when you have said that Cena wouldn’t have been booked this way, every one of Cenas matches consist of him being beaten, then heroically fighting back into it and winning.

  • TheRealityEra

    WWE, do you remember what happened last time you all didn’t push Bryan, does Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Slammy Awards Championship Ceremony ring a bell to any of you?

  • andrew

    LOL this is a fucking joke. Reigns and Batista are monsters and john cena is john cena. Daniel Bryan is the under dog, which is why he is booked that way. You can’t seriously tell me he went from wrestling sheamus to wrestling triple H and winning the title against Batista and orton because punk left. The dirt sheets suck

  • TrishNO1FAN

    Bryan is NOT believable when he beats monters like Kane and Batista. Its that simple.

  • andrew

    Kane went through a table on fire and Batista tapped out.. Pretty decisive and Believable wins

  • Soullll

    Good, he’s not meant to be #1. SuperBryan was a product of the peoples disapproval of John Cena, just like Punk was. The WWE is hesitant because they found something in Reigns now, Bryan was just a desperate call to respond to the crowds negative reactions to Batista winning the Rumble and main eventing WM. I won’t be surprised if they don’t push him, which kind of sucks.

  • Meech

    Underdog? The guy hasn’t lost a clean match since the Royal Rumble, which is ironically the last PPV Punk was in before leaving. He’s an even cheesier John Cena. People mock Johns HustleLoyaltyRespect… Respect the Beard? Can’t possibly tell me that’s not a joke lmao. Face it, he’s not an underdog, and his whole rise was because there was no one left to fix the mistake, which was Batista winning the Rumble.

  • Solid Snake

    It’s really not a joke.

  • Solid Snake

    People need to get over it, that underdog crap is over and done with. We have seen that story time and time again. So I’m suppose to believe when this guy comes back he takes the title off of lesner (assuming he beats cena at summer slam) no way. I wouldn’t even want to see that match. Let’s face hard facts do you know who he reminds me of a nicer version of Chris Benoit. Besides his yes chant what is this mans gimmick? He just wrestles. He’s really not that entertaining. I’m suppose to believe that this guy can kick some of my favorite wrestlers 8 times on the ground while the crowd chants yes! ? Trust me I know wrestling is fake but come on I have my limits. This guy needs more going for him. Sure he can wrestle but i need more than just a good wrestler holding the title or being the main guy.

  • JH

    All this really says is that WWE never truly believed that Bryan could be a top guy in the company and were just placating the audience until his popularity began to waver enough to take it all away without significant backlash..

  • Matt

    Even if they don’t push him, he will always be over. He will always have some spotlight and he will always be able to help push new talent. Yeah it sucks that he might never be the top guy. But look at what WWE has done to Christian. He is very injury prone so they don’t let him hold top titles for too long. I can only hope Bryan has a better career than Christian……

  • Charles

    Triple h needs to stop jumping in the wrestling entertainment and just run the company the right way

  • Aaron

    Triple H is not the problem for Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon is

  • ddraig

    Yet if it was Punk, people would have no problem with it. Let’s be honest. If size mattered, Henry, Show, Batista, and Lesnar would be the only four competing for the title.

  • Douglas Peterson

    Bryan is a Joke and mid card talent at best with an awful gimmick. I guess he could be an A+ player on total divas though.

  • LookBOTHWays

    “being beaten, then heroically fighting back into it and winning”

    Exactly, what face champ isn’t patterned after the Hogan-style comeback? Even Bret Hart would get knocked around and then “skillfully” take advantage of a mistake and then get the opponent in a sharpshooter.