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Austin Aries reveals the secret behind his trusty banana

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Austin Aries reveals the secret behind his trusty banana


Austin Aries carried a banana around with him wherever he went while he was with WWE. A lot of people were wondering why he always had this popular yellow fruit with him and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived recently opened up about it while talking to Sam Roberts. Needless to say, he had a pretty good reason.

“I’m just going to say this about the banana. The Hall Of Fame is long, okay? And I saw lots of people dressed to impress that night. Lots of nice suits. Lots of nice dresses. Let me tell you something, about three and a half hours in, I guarantee about 40 percent of that audience wished they had a banana in their pocket instead of a pocket square, because I got famished,” Aries explained. “I was running low on some energy, and that pocket square wouldn’t do me any good. But I got a nice little shot of some natural sugars and potassium, and then I just used my sleeve to wipe my mouth off. And I didn’t need the pocket square. So sometimes the thing comes in handy in a pinch. You never know.”

Aries said in the end, the banana gimmick was just a clever way to keep people talking.

“There’s nothing unpredictable about this whatsoever,” he said. “So when all of a sudden some guy randomly has a banana in his pocket and everyone goes, ‘What’s with the banana?’ Exactly! You’re asking a question and you’re intrigued by something, how refreshing. And the minute I tell you why the banana, now you don’t care. And maybe there isn’t a why, and maybe there is, and maybe I’m never gonna tell you. There’s nothing better than when people see bananas, now they think of me.”

Aries is a vegan. Therefore he would probably rather a banana take center stage over a cheeseburger any day. So if anything, you could probably consider this a genius marketing move in order to spread the value of fruit.

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