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Backstage news on why WWE dropped the Emmalina character

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Backstage news on why WWE dropped the Emmalina character

If the Emmalina segment from this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw seemed strange to you then you are not alone. The segment left many fans asking questions because it was clear that something was odd. Apparently, WWE had plans for the Emmalina character but, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, producers realized that she could not pull off what they had in mind. It’s unclear what the full plans were from the character but apparently, WWE wanted her to play a throwback role similar to Sable and The Kat. If that is the case then her role would have been more about T & A than in-ring wrestling which conflicts with what they are doing with most of the women these days. It would seem odd to saddle a good in-ring worker with that type of character.

There’s still a possibility that they’ll try out the role with another female because the producers are still big fans of the concept. There were delays because the feeling was that she wasn’t committing herself enough to the role so that would explain why they stretched the vignettes out for 17 weeks.

Emmalina will be reverting back to Emma. No word on when she will make her in-ring re-debut. If you missed the Emmalina segment then you can check it out below:

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