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Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Nia Jax comment on Carmella’s MITB win

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Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Nia Jax comment on Carmella’s MITB win

NXT is pretty much WWE’s School For Gifted Athletes at this point. It’s almost like Triple H is Charles Xavier and controls the futures of an entire crop of future WWE Superstars, only nobody is a mutant (unless you count the line of Mattel action figures). Naturally people get close during their time in NXT, especially the women.

There were plenty of people expecting to see Carmella pull off a win at Money In The Bank but nobody saw it happening like it did. Instead of Carmella ascending the ladder, James Ellsworth knocked Becky Lynch off the ladder and climbed it himself. The Chinless Wonder then unsnapped the briefcase and tossed it to The Princess Of Staten Island for the win.

Many people were upset by how things went down during the closing moments of the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. One of those people was Daniel Bryan who promised he would address Carmella’s controversial win on SmackDown Live. But as easy as it might be to get upset about how the Moonwalking, Trash Talking Diva won her briefcase she still has some supporters.

Carmella’s old friends from NXT commented on her victory in St Louis and while the overall consensus is everyone was happy for her, most didn’t seem to like the way it actually happened. The only person who didn’t have a problem with how Carm won the MITB briefcase was Alexa Bliss because she would have probably done the same thing if she were in Carmella’s shoes.

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Who knows if Carmella is going to be allowed to carry her briefcase into an actual title match. With Daniel Bryan as upset as he appears to be everything could change for The Princess Of Staten Island on Tuesday. But at least it’s good to know Carm has some people on her side even if they’re on a different brand and they’re not pleased about how she attained her shiny new piece of luggage.


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