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Bray Wyatt arrives at Raw taping with JoJo by his side

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Bray Wyatt arrives at Raw taping with JoJo by his side

Pro wresting fans love a good scandal. But to be honest this statement shouldn’t be limited to just fans of WWE. In all reality, people in general love a good scandal, especially if it is a love triangle.

In many ways WWE’s backstage can be more like a Soap Opera than it ever is on screen. That is why the last season of Total Divas was so frustrating when they cut out all the good stuff about Paige and Alberto Del Rio. The televised stories can be controlled, edited, and cleaned up a little bit. But when you peel back the surface layer of backstage life within WWE things can get a bit more scurrilous.

The Eater Of Worlds might be consuming more than humanity right now as he could be preparing to face a hardcore divorce very soon as well. News broke yesterday that Bray Wyatt’s wife was filing for divorce and citing an affair as the root of the problem. Although no name was revealed in the official documents, word got out that this ‘special someone’ to Bray Wyatt was indeed WWE ring announcer JoJo.

Fans were shocked and jokes were abound when this tantalizing tidbit leaked concerning one of WWE’s most ominous characters. Besides, who knew JoJo was so into beards and dread locks?

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To add even more fuel to the fire of intrigue, Bray Wyatt and JoJo arrived at Raw together at the Cajundome last night. The couple is apparently traveling together or at least they shared a rental car from the airport.

In Bray’s promo last night he sent out a warning to those who might blaspheme his name. That message might have been double sided to say the least. He is currently trying to file an injunction against his wife for her to stop revealing this kind of personal information. In all reality, we probably already know way more than he would like us to.

As more news comes out concerning this situation we can only assume the tangled web of Bray Wyatt will be unveiled and the mystique of his character might add another layer of interest. Let’s just hope this controversy doesn’t cause him to start losing every week. Bray didn’t wrestle for the Louisiana fans last night on TV, but he did lose a dark match to Roman Reigns.


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