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Brie Bella congratulates Carmella, Nikki Bella responds by kicking her sister out of the family

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Brie Bella congratulates Carmella, Nikki Bella responds by kicking her sister out of the family

Carmella came down with the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase in St Louis with a ton of controversy. Her valet James Ellsworth climbed to the top of the ladder after knocking Becky Lynch off and captured the briefcase for her. After James tossed the briefcase down to Carmella you could tell she was emotional but couldn’t let it get to her because she is a heel. Instead of crying and soaking in the moment, Carmella pranced around in victory and rubbed her win in everyone’s faces.

Brie Bella’s husband Daniel Bryan was very upset by this news to say the least. He immediately tweeted out: “Absolutely unacceptable and cheap. The circumstances surrounding the Women’s #MITB match will be the FIRST thing addressed on #SDLive.” It looks like SmackDown Live’s General Manager isn’t happy about the outcome of the historic ladder match, but his wife seems to be just fine with it.

Birdie Joe’s momma tweeted out that she loved herself some Carmella. We understand kayfabe is dead, but she probably could have chosen a better way to congratulate The Princess Of Staten Island. After all, with her husband obviously upset about how Carm came down with the victory this certainly seems to add some dissention to the Danielson household. But if the old saying is true that to get someone in power on your side you first have to win over their significant, then Carmella is on the right track to keeping her briefcase.

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The Bella Twins use the same Twitter account which is cute and maybe they might need to start using separate accounts if things like this keep happening. Nikki jumped on Twitter about thirty minutes later and announced that Brie was “cut out of the family.” At least Nikki knows how to keep a wrestling story line alive by acting her part.

Whenever Nikki comes back she’ll have to deal with the current climate in the SmackDown Women’s Division so she obviously wasn’t happy about Carmella’s victory. But in all honesty if Nikki is going to come back as a babyface it might be to her benefit for a heel to have the top title because it would make more sense if she went for it. Only time will tell how this situation will materialize but for now it looks like it’s Nikki and Daniel vs Brie in the Carmella Fan Club Department.


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