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“Broken” Matt Hardy suffering from multiple personality disorder?

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“Broken” Matt Hardy suffering from multiple personality disorder?

Over the last couple of weeks, Matt Hardy has removed the “Broken” name from his Twitter name, it returned and it was then removed again. On Saturday night he changed it from “Broken” Matt Hardy to Matt Hardy V1 to #BrokenBrilliane and now, as of this writing, his Twitter name is Mattitude.

He is now spouting off Matt Facts (the 2002 version of Hardy). Is Matt just playing around on social media or is he preparing for a legal victory over Impact Wrestling over the rights to the “Broken” character or does he have something else in mind? The Hardy Boyz team can’t last forever. I guess we will find out in due time.

Matt has one of best wrestling accounts on Twitter. Check out some of his recent tweets below:

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