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Carmella comments on losing her Money In The Bank briefcase

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Carmella comments on losing her Money In The Bank briefcase

Carmella has held onto her MOney In The Bank briefcase for an impressive amount of time so far. She has teased a couple cash-ins but in the end, The Princess Of Staten Island decided to remain Miss Money In The Bank.

Apparently, Carmella named her Money In The Bank briefcase Frankie and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, Mella and Frankie have made plenty of towns together and traveled all over the planet since they first met in June last year.

One fan recently commented about how great of a job Mella is doing as MITB briefcase holder while another said it will be strange when she has to stop carrying Frankie around.

As it turns out this idea isn’t getting Carmella down because she considers it a fair trade since Mella is still very confident she will soon be able to cash in her contract for a Women’s Title reign.



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