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Carmella has an interesting diet leading to Money In The Bank

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Carmella has an interesting diet leading to Money In The Bank

Let’s be fair, Carmella is a fit woman so she obviously has a workout routine in stone. Or at least she tries her best to keep to it with her busy schedule. But it certainly looks like she has her diet in check.

Carm’s so hot Big Cass said recently that’s one of the reasons WWE didn’t call her up with himself and Enzo when they jumped to the main roster. Because the general consensus is if you see a guy with a hot chick by his side you hate him. WWE wanted Enzo and Big Cass to be babyfaces (and boy were/are they) so they didn’t pair them up with Carmella.

That being said, Carmella might have been having a cheat day from her diet leading up to Money In The Bank, but she recently had to decide what she wanted to eat more: pizza or a donut… or maybe both.

When Natalya spoke to Edge and Christian on their Pod Of Awesomeness recently she said it might be a good idea to put on a couple of pounds for padding in the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank match on Sunday. Some of those bumps are going to hurt, especially if it’s bone on steel. So maybe Carmella was borrowing from that idea and she’s bulking up.

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Regardless of her reason, The Princess Of Staten Island is still favorite to win the Money In The Bank ladder match in St Louis and hold the first Women’s MITB briefcase. So if she’s going to put on a little weight, number one she would still be hot as hell and you can’t teach that (I miss hearing Enzo say that), but we’re also sure she would be able to still look good for those photo sessions with her new briefcase.

Ever since Carmella jumped to SmackDown Live as a surprise final pick in the 2016 draft she’s been able to draw a considerable amount of heat. Especially with her boy toy James Ellsworth by her side she’s drawing some of the best heat of the show sometimes. James Ellsworth makes a pretty good valet.

If Carmella does come down with the briefcase her underhanded tactics and the “Ellsworth Factor” very well might see her capturing the SmackDown Women’s Title eventually. But knowing Carmella she’ll strike when we least expect it.

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