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Chris Jericho wants to officiate your wedding!

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Chris Jericho wants to officiate your wedding!

Chris Jericho is always looking to expand his horizons and it appears he will also be venturing out onto his Rock n Wrestling Rager At Sea with more in mind than just rocking out and wrestling like the best in the world. He’ll also be tying the knot for a few happy couples who want to make their dream come true by having Y2J officiate their wedding.

Jericho is currently taking applications for people who want to enter into the world of marital¬†bliss on the high seas with a bunch of rambunctious wrestling and metal fans. It might seem like an interesting idea for a wedding reception, but you’d be surprised how people theme their weddings nowadays so why not make it a Rock n Wrestling themed shindig?

With all of Jericho’s promising ventures and everything he’s been working on outside of wrestling, who knows what he’ll be up to next? Officiating weddings seems to be a pretty good start to forming his own religion. Would you join the Church Of Jericho? Preach it up maaaaaan!


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