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Daniel Bryan to make big SummerSlam announcement during SmackDown Live

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Daniel Bryan to make big SummerSlam announcement during SmackDown Live

The road to any big four pay-per-view needs to have its share of twists and turns. Although WrestleMania is highly regarded as the Granddaddy Of Them All, SummerSlam has to at least be the Cool Uncle Who Buys You Beer. To hype fans up for SummerSlam this year Roman Reigns is set to make an announcement on Raw tonight concerning his intentions for the biggest party of the Summer. Nobody really knows what The Big Dog is going to say or who he will throw down a challenge for, but any time WWE promotes an announcement will be made it’s usually worth paying attention to.

With Daniel Bryan appearing on SmackDown Live this week it looks like he’ll be doing the same thing. First off Daniel Bryan said he will address the ending of the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Whether he just brings Carmella to the ring to slap her wrist and tell her she’s been a “bad Princess Of Staten Island” or not is unknown. He could just rebook the Women’s MITB match for SummerSlam and ban James Ellsworth from ringside. But the Bearded GOAT certainly intends on addressing the situation.

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Now there is word Daniel Bryan will be making more of an announcement than just dealing with Carmella’s underhanded tactics. F4WOnline is reporting Daniel Bryan is going to make some kind of big announcement about SummerSlam. It’s doubtful WWE will suddenly change their minds and let him wrestle, but it’s been acknowledged that WWE tends to coast their way in-between big four pay-per-views so work needs to start ASAP in hyping SummerSlam. WWE also reportedly has a lot of tickets to sell in Brooklyn for the big show due to the hike in ticket prices and needs to give people a bigger reason to show up.

As doubtful as it might be, if Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return is the selling point for SummerSlam 2017 then that would be a big reason to pay attention to the show for sure. But at this time it’s unknown exactly what the announcement will be at this juncture. All we know is Daniel Bryan will be on SmackDown Live this week and he will have plenty to say.


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