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Fandango gives an amazing tour of his many tattoos you never see on TV

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Fandango gives an amazing tour of his many tattoos you never see on TV

WWE is a land full of over-the-top personalities and amazing television characters. But some people portray characters that are very different than who they are in real life. Fandango is obviously an entertaining personality and his partnership with Tyler Breeze seems to get better every week. The Fashion Files segments are actually becoming some of the best parts of SmackDown Live. But the former ballroom dancer was actually hiding his true self under those glittery pants.

Most people might not realize it by watching him on television, but Fandango is covered in tattoos. He actually has two full sleeves, only he keeps them on his legs. He has a couple on his arms, but his legs are covered with ink.

Corey Graves recently featured Dango in an episode of Superstar Ink and it was a really great episode. Fandango took fans on a guided tour of his many tattoos and even taught some very good lessons along the way. Never jump in a chlorine pool right after you get a tattoo, and especially don’t fry it and wrestle every night while it heals. We’re sure with proper care Fandango’s tattoo wouldn’t have turned out so tattered, but you’ve gotta see how bad an amazing tattoo turned out because he didn’t follow the tattoo artist’s simple tattoo maintenance instructions.

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So the next time you see Fandango trekking around backstage with Tyler Breeze on SmackDown Live in the search for who trashed their office you’ll know how many tattoos are being hidden under that police uniform, or cowboy outfit, or astronaut suit… you catch my drift.

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