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Finn Balor’s mother had some amazing words of wisdom for him on Christmas

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Finn Balor’s mother had some amazing words of wisdom for him on Christmas

Finn Balor has one of those stories in pro wrestling that has been amazing but there are also so many more spots where things could have turned out much better. Although he is the first-ever Universal Champion, he had to vacate his title the next night. Since he came back from injury, he has yet to achieve the same status he had before and still seems to struggle in order to get over with Vince McMahon.

But while Finn Balor was visiting his family recently he not only had the chance to give his father a Universal Championship just like the one so many believe he has a right to try and regain, but he also had a chance to receive some very wise words from his mother as well.

When Balor apologized to his mother that he had to leave and go to the Christmas Raw, she replied: “Well, isn’t it better than you not being able to go wrestle on Raw?”

It really helps you put things into perspective when you see them like that. No matter what Finn Balor is doing on Raw or if some fans consider his place on the card “wasted,” he is still on the show which is an extremely high accomplishment regardless.


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