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Global Force Wrestling will no longer be suing former talent over gimmicks

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Global Force Wrestling will no longer be suing former talent over gimmicks

Global Force Wrestling might have some die-hard fans but even those who will be TNA/Impact/GFW loyalists for life have to admit The Hardy Boyz got a raw deal (no pun intended). They are not allowed to use the Broken Hardy gimmick they developed while employed at TNA/Impact/GFW and a lot of people think it shouldn’t be that way.

Jim Cornette recently debuted in GFW as an authority figure and kind of broke the internet. On a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, he went into one of the most controversial subjects associated with GFW.

“I did get a chance to meet some of the Anthem folks and some of them I haven’t met in person before,” Corney said. “Everybody knows about the Hardy situation — I’ve made my feelings known about that. That doesn’t really change. I don’t like the idea of promoters suing the boys for their gimmicks at least not for if you breach on a contract and no-show and try to go to some other company while you’re under valid contract or whatever I can see a lawsuit there. But for gimmicks and intellectual property, I’m not with it.”

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Cornette went on to say after having a discussion with the Anthem folks he met that “they probably will not be suing any of the boys for their gimmicks anymore going forward.” But the legal process had already started in the Hardy situation before Cornette could get the ear of Anthem officials. We wonder what Jim Cornette said to the Anthem folks that convinced them of the error in their ways.

It’s just too bad Cornette couldn’t have been able to talk to GFW officials before this ordeal with The Hardy Boyz got as far as it did.

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