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Goldust/Cody match not happening?; Other WWE news

WWE News

Goldust/Cody match not happening?; Other WWE news

Goldust has been saying on twitter that the rumored match against Cody Rhodes will not be happening. Goldust has been pushing this match for a couple of years and he considers this run his last run. I’m not sure if he’s just saying that to work the fans or if that is true but there are no signs right now of a breakup between the two.

Dave Meltzer reports that there may be an issue between Frank Shamrock and WWE since the Frank Shamrock logo is trademarked and looks like a design used on Sheamus t-shirts.

There was more talk at the Smackdown taping about Rey Mysterio. It’s being said that his contract is up in 3 months and if he leaves the company then he would go work with Konnan in AAA and help them expand in the United States.

It is an interesting time to be a pro wrestling fan. Besides the launch of the WWE Network, there is a chance that WWE may be moving stations if they don’t take USA’s offer. There’s the uncertainty of TNA’s future. There’s Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion that would probably launch late this year and there’s AAA expanding into the United States on the El Rey network.

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