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Good news about Jeff Jarrett following rehab

Impact Wrestling

Good news about Jeff Jarrett following rehab

Jeff Jarrett has pro wrestling in his blood and it’s always amazing to hear that he’s doing well which is why it was equally troubling to discover he wasn’t having the best time recently. Double J needed to check himself into rehab after he was distanced from Impact Wrestling yet again.

But there is news to report about Jeff Jarrett and thankfully, it is the very good kind.

Jeff’s wife Karen shared the following Instagram post and from the looks of it, everything seems to be much better right now.

We really couldn’t be happier to hear this news because Jeff Jarrett is a hard worker and has a great mind for pro wrestling. He also has his personal demons like so many do but hopefully, he’ll be able to use the tools he was given in the rehab WWE was able to provide for him. With a clear head, Double J could still do a lot of great things in his career.

Also, kudos to WWE for helping him out. Keep it up one day at a time Jeff, we’re all pulling for you.

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