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Hardys headed to WWE? Young Bucks are the new ROH Tag Team Champions

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Hardys headed to WWE? Young Bucks are the new ROH Tag Team Champions

The Young Bucks defeated Matt and Jeff Hardy at ROH Supercard Of Honor XI for the ROH Tag Team Championships. Matt and Jeff toned down the “Broken” gimmick at ROH’s request. There were “F**k That Owl” chants and the crowd reaction for this match was insane. There were some insane spots. Att one point, Matt Hardy hit Nick Jackson with a side effect through a table.

The end of the match was all four men at the top of ladders. The Hardys were superkicked off the ladders and that allowed the Bucks to capture the titles. Crazy match and if you missed it then you should check out the replay on FITE TV or

After the match, Matt Hardy said that The Young Bucks are the best team they’ve ever faced. Matt and Jeff Hardy kneeled down and shook The Young Bucks’ hands to show respect. Jeff then said that he and his brother Matt will now fade away and classify themselves as “obsolete.”

It’s not too hard to figure out what Jeff was hinting at there. The story he told to CBS Radio about being with ROH until the summer was an obvious smokescreen. I would not be shocked if Matt and Jeff appeared at WrestleMania or on Raw.

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