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Hulk Hogan teases tag team with former UFC Champion

Photo Credit: WWE

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Hulk Hogan teases tag team with former UFC Champion

You never know who you’ll see hanging out with each other in today’s day and age and what it could lead to. Hulk Hogan recently ran into former UFC Middleweight and Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre where the two not only had a great time hanging out, but Hogan also teased an interesting partnership could be on the way.

Hogan must be impressed with GSP after all, it would probably take a pretty impressive resume for The Hulkster to call anyone “the greatest fighter ever.”

Hogan went on to say he and Pierre could be the next WWE Tag Team Champions. We’re not sure if this would ever really happen, but it would be a hard thing to pass up a guaranteed draw like that for Vince McMahon, that’s for sure.

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