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It looks like Matt Hardy could eventually be “Broken” in WWE

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It looks like Matt Hardy could eventually be “Broken” in WWE

It looks like there’s a reason behind Matt Hardy’s madness on social media. Over the weekend, we noted that Matt has been alternating between “Mattitude,” “Broken” and other incarnations of his character on Twitter. I speculated that Matt might be playing up that he has multiple personality disorder as a way to keep the door open for the return of the “Broken” character (a character that most people agree that he came up with).

On Tuesday morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer noted that the settlement talks are still ongoing and that he will be “Broken” if/when a deal is reached. If a deal is reached then that would mean that WWE would pay Anthem for the rights to the “Broken” character.

If you have noticed Matt going in and out of his accent on this week’s Raw, it was not an accident. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Matt took a subtle shot at the Anthem owl:

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