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Jack Swagger says he’s training for MMA, when he found out he was winning WWE Championship

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Jack Swagger says he’s training for MMA, when he found out he was winning WWE Championship

Jack Swagger is off on his own and doing his thing in a big way. He’s working a ton of indie shows and fighting hard to make a bigger name for himself in pro wrestling. The Real American American recently spoke to Still Real Radio about several topics but things got very interesting when he disclosed he was currently training for MMA.

“I’m training [for MMA] right now” Jack said. “Not specifically towards anything, but everything at the same time. So, if you look at it from my perspective — former All-American, 10 years exposure on a big TV show; there’s a big opportunity there to make money. As long as you don’t get your face pounded in, and there’s a big chance of that happening, so, there’s a lot of reward to it. But of course this is no bulls**t, this is the real thing, so there’s a lot of risk with it as well. But I would definitely consider stepping in there. I think it would only help me.”

The Artist Formally Known as Jack Swagger also spoke about when he found out he was winning the WWE Championship. He was holding the Money In The Bank Briefcase at the time but he didn’t know he was going to win the belt until just before the event.

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“We did Mania Sunday, then we had Raw Monday in Phoenix, and I was originally just on Raw at the time” Swagger continued. “And they called me that night, Monday night after Raw. My wife and I were already going to Vegas anyways because we were out there to have a little vacation together, so it worked out they said ‘get on a plane, SmackDown’s in Vegas. We need you tomorrow.’ They didn’t really tell me anything, but you can kinda assume when something comes up like that and you have the Money in the Bank briefcase. So I kinda figured it out. Then the next day we had a meeting with Vince and some PR people, so they told me then.”

If you’d like to hear the entire interview you can click the nifty link below.

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