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Jeff Hardy addresses WWE rumors, his new projects, his future and more

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Jeff Hardy addresses WWE rumors, his new projects, his future and more

Jeff Hardy has a write up at where he talks about his WWE run, TNA, his future, music, new projects and more.

Hardy talked about being fearless during his time in WWE but he has mellowed out over the years since getting married and having a baby. He said, “I used to have no fear, but that is no longer true. With a wife and two girls at home, I’m more afraid now than ever.” He admitted that his soul feeds off adrenaline and that can be a problem for him. He cited the broken leg he suffered last year from his dirt bike accident.

He indicated that he has no plans to retire anytime soon when he said that the finish line is nowhere in sight.

Hardy also talked about the crazy spot he did at “Delete or Decay.” He said, “I was so scared because I realize that there may come a time when I don’t get up—was during the finish of ‘The Great War’ at Bound for Glory this past October. I sprung over the ladder and put Crazzy Steve through two tables. That just knocked me silly.” He wondered if he even hit Crazzy Steve and although Hardy was hurt, he was running on adrenaline.

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In regards to WWE rumors, Hardy said, “People always ask Matt and I if we’ll ever go back to WWE, but we are having such a good time with this creative liberty in TNA. We’re able to do what we want to do. The show is built around us, and that’s something that makes me really proud.”

He added, “Up until I re-signed for another year in 2015, I had wanted to return to WWE. I wanted to wrestle Undertaker at a Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania.” I guess we’ll see what Matt and Jeff decide to do at the end of February. There has been interest from WWE so we’ll see.

Hardy also plugged his newly-launched website where he plans on adding original artwork and music videos. Check out Hardy’s column by clicking here. It’s a good read.


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