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Jerry Lawler discusses the passing of Lance Russell

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Jerry Lawler discusses the passing of Lance Russell

Thanks to Glenn Moore for the following:

On this week’s episode of ‘Dinner With The King,’ co-hosts Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore pay their respects and remember Memphis wrestling legendary announcer, Lance Russell, who passed away Tuesday morning.

Russell passed away at the age of 91, and if it wasn’t for a phone call to Lawler, The King’s career would have never happened. Lawler and Moore share classic Russell audio clips from Memphis wrestling, and also share some stories.

Below are some highlights:

Lawler on Russell’s effect on his career and life:

“You know, a lot of times when a loved one or a great, close friend passes away, you are left with the feeling that I never really got to say goodbye or I never really got to tell the person how I felt about them.

But I’m happy in the fact that over the years, I did have several opportunities to tell Lance how much I thought I thought of him, how much I loved him, how important he was to me. Without Lance, there would be no me. And I knew that, and I had the opportunity to say that to Lance Russell. I loved Lance Russell. There’ll never be another person like him.”

Should Lance Russell be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

“I think he’s certainly deserving. Even though he didn’t ever work for the WWE, hey, WWE is putting a lot of people in the Hall of Fame that didn’t necessarily work for them. Which I think is a great thing. Even though it’s called the WWE Hall of Fame, they are opening their arms a little further; it’s more of a wrestling hall of fame. At least in my eyes, he’s the greatest wrestling commentator ever.”

You can listen to the full episode about Lance Russell here:

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