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Jim Cornette gives merch to fans, Zack Ryder shows off WWE figures

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Jim Cornette gives merch to fans, Zack Ryder shows off WWE figures

Jim Cornette has had a storied rivalry with Vince Russo that recently resulted in an order of protection being sent to Cornette. In the order, Russo claimed Jim has been harassing him for nearly two decades and he felt at risk of bodily harm from the legendary pro wrestling personality.

To turn a bad situation into a good one Jim Cornette started selling signed copies of this order of protection on his website.

Half of all proceeds from the sale of his protection orders will go to the WHAS Crusade for Children to help special needs kids in Kentucky & Southern Indiana. But when Jim Cornette noticed a problem with his international orders he decided to make it right too. Corney noticed all international orders were being charged the same price as if they ordered regular merchandise from Cornette’s Collectibles. Since this order of protection is just a piece of paper Jim decided to include a free signed 8×10 with any international order to make it right.

Being a fan of WWE can mean you have to dedicate a lot of your time and money to attain the best and most rare WWE collectibles. For some people, it is worse than others but you’d be hard-pressed to find a person with more passion for the business of WWE collectibles than Zack Ryder.

Not only has he dedicated his life to being a pro wrestler, but Long Island Iced Z also has one of the most impressive collections of Hasbro action figures we’ve ever seen. You tell how long he’s been a fan and he even has insurance on some of his collection. That is how you can tell how serious of a collector he is.

Zack Ryder recently jumped on Twitter to show off his collection and highlighted his unreleased Hasbro Brutus The Barber Beefcake Mega Maniacs action figure. It might not be in the best condition, but when you’re talking about an action figure that was never available in retail stores there is little room to squabble over minor details like a little chipped paint.

Ryder’s old friend and former tag team partner Curt Hawkins commented saying Zack Ryder has the best Hasbro WWE Action Figure in the world. He also said Ryder has the worst tag team partner. There have been rumors a Hype Bros split could be on the horizon, so Zack might be taking care of that last complaint soon enough.



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