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Jinder Mahal addresses wellness policy violation and injury rumors

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Jinder Mahal addresses wellness policy violation and injury rumors

The big title change at the end of this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live had fans buzzing because it changes the Survivor Series main event and because it was a rare title change on their weekly TV show. There was some chatter on social media with some fans wondering if Mahal dropped the title because he was dealing with an injury or because he failed a drug test.

On Wednesday, Mahal took to Instagram to shoot down the rumors going around.

Mahal said:  “To @ajstylesp1, you were the better man for one night. Six months I held the #WWEChamoionship, defended it countless times, all over the world. I will one day raise the title again. To my haters and wrestling “insiders”, this was NOT an experiment, I am NOT injured, I have NOT violated the wellness policy. So keep throwing shade my way , it only motivates me.”

So I guess that should clear things up for everybody. The other theory going around is that WWE decided to have Mahal drop the title so that he could win it back in India next month. Whatever the real reason is, it’s hard to argue that Survivor Series seems like a bigger deal now because of the recent changes. WWE is about to stack the card up even more with another match. Click here if you want to see what the current Survivor Series card looks like and click here to find out about another big match that will be added to the show.

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