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Kevin Owens praises up-and-coming New Japan star

Photo Credit: New Japan, WWE

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Kevin Owens praises up-and-coming New Japan star

If you noticed a familiar face pop up in New Japan after a certain hippie named CJ Parker stopped trying to rally people with his protest signs in NXT then you aren’t alone. Joseph Robinson left NXT to become Juice Robinson in New Japan and since then the sky seems to be limit for this young wrestling star.

He is currently turning a lot of heads and attention to his work in the G1 as he keeps putting out incredible matches every time he steps in the ring. His match against Cody at Wrestle Kingdom 11 was thought of as an encounter people might not have been looking forward to but it became one of the highlights on the card for us. It wasn’t just exciting because Cody was wrestling either, because Juice Robinson also brought some magic to the Tokyo Dome that night. Albeit it was nothing close to Omega vs Okada, but Cody vs Juice was still a very fine match.

When Kevin Owens debuted in NXT it was against Robinson. KO was actually busted open hardway thanks to a stiff palm strike and even though he ended up winning his NXT debut, Robinson still did everything he could to make it a great match.

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Kevin Owens recently sent out a tweet about Juice Robinson saying how proud he is of him. His post-match interviews are great, and he lives for pro wrestling. Juice Robinson is definitely one to watch if you’re trying to follow the best up-and-coming talent, that’s for sure.

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