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Kurt Angle on if his amateur background helped him in WWE, reflects on Vince McMahon pitching his gimmick

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Kurt Angle on if his amateur background helped him in WWE, reflects on Vince McMahon pitching his gimmick

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho to talk about various topics. During the interview, he was asked whether his amateur background helped him in WWE. He said that he doesn’t think it was the wrestling background as it was really hard when he started and having a tough time in the first few days where the coaches were telling him that he had to allow guys to pick him up and slam him as well as to show emotion. He said that he was taught to never show emotion and didn’t give his body to people, so instincts tell him to not to do this as in amateur wrestling you are taught to kill your opponent. He said that he has always had a big imagination and he thinks that helps in pro wrestling and what they do in pro wrestling as you have to have that quality. He said you have to come up with ideas and characters and finishes where people go wow.

When asked what Vince McMahon told him his character was going to be, he said that McMahon explained to him what he had planned ahead of time and they are going to force him down the throats of the fans and make him seem like he is a babyface but rather a heel by annoying the fans. He said that he told McMahon that was not going to happen as he is an Olympic Gold Medalist and would be touring all these cities and he told him to trust him as the fans will hate him. He thinks McMahon tried to do that with The Rock, but it backfired on him and that he knew it would backfire again.

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When asked about his debut match against Shawn Stasiak, he said that he was nervous as hell and all of a sudden the referee told him that McMahon informed him that he would bump then tell the crowd to not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle was surprised by this but did it anyways. He added that nobody cared about him or Stasiak that night, so it was a boring match, so they didn’t care who won and lost.

You can listen to the entire interview at this link.


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