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Lance Storm on his part in new romantic comedy wrestling themed film

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Lance Storm on his part in new romantic comedy wrestling themed film

You never know where your favorite pro wrestling stars will pop up next. If Netflix’s GLOW has taught Hollywood anything it is there are plenty of dollars to be made from pro wrestling themed projects.

Lance Storm recently took some time to promote his new movie project ‘Chokeslam’ on his Killing The Town With Storm And Cyrus podcast.

“I have a small part in the movie ‘Chokeslam'” Lance Storm said. “It’s a fun sort of a romantic comedy wrestling film that I had a part in. I helped train some of the wrestling people in it. Chelsea Green, Laurel Van Ness from Impact Wrestling as well as Davey Boy Smith Jr and several others are in it. Mick Foley’s got a prominent role in it. Great movie, it’s out on video-on-demand now. It dropped July 4th. So if you get a chance, check that out it’s a lot of fun.”

“I did have one very minor cameo speaking role” Storm reveals. “I’ve got one wrestling scene and since the one guy that wrote the — co-wrote the film is a big Lance Storm fan he did try to find a way that I could my ‘if I could be serious for a minute’ line in. So I’ve got one small speaking role.”

Cyrus called the co-writer who put in Lance Storm’s famous line in the movie “a mark” and they both had a nice laugh about that. Cyrus said Lance hitting his ‘tag line’ in the film probably ruined it, but Storm eventually retorted: “well if anybody wants to check on the film on-demand you can give us feedback and see if me ‘hitting my tag line’ as Cyrus says ruined the film. I can’t imagine it did. Mick Foley’s fantastic in it, as is Chelsea Green.”

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