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More backstage news on Vince McMahon’s late decision to crown AJ Styles as new WWE Champion

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More backstage news on Vince McMahon’s late decision to crown AJ Styles as new WWE Champion

We noted earlier that the decision to have Jinder Mahal drop the WWE Championship to AJ Styles was made just days before this week’s episode of Smackdown Live. It was clear to anyone that was paying attention that Styles was not supposed to win the title before Survivor Series because he was advertised to wrestle Rusev on this week’s show.

Well, just to illustrate to you how plans can change on a moments notice, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the people that needed to be aware weren’t told until a day or so before the match and they were not clear about whether Mahal would get the title back before Survivor Series. All of Brock Lesnar’s programs are booked well in advance and the match with Mahal was what he was told all along so this title change was apparently news to him. I would guess that he would probably prefer the match with Styles over Mahal since it will be a better match.

John Cena, who was originally supposed to be added as the special referee for Mahal vs. Lesnar, was moved to the 5-vs-5 match as part of Team Smackdown. Styles is advertised as the headliner for live events through next month and he is booked to wrestle Mahal. It’s not clear who will be Mahal’s opponent in India but it was supposed to be Kevin Owens. They could have Styles drop the WWE Championship in India and it would get a ton of press there if that happens. Mahal has denied that he is dealing with an injury even though his shoulder was taped up at live events for weeks. Click here to read what Mahal said about rumors of an injury and/or wellness violation.

If you want to keep up with all of the recent changes and potential changes coming this Monday, click here for the updated Survivor Series card.

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