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MVP comments on how The Miz was in developmental, recalls being a bouncer with Kimbo Slice

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MVP comments on how The Miz was in developmental, recalls being a bouncer with Kimbo Slice

Former WWE Superstar and successful independent wrestler MVP is the special guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 this week, saying how he became a bouncer with Kimbo Slice. MVP also talks about being in developmental with The Miz and not complaining about anything. Thanks to Afterbuzz TV for sending us the following highlights:

Sean speaks about a conversation he had with Kevin Sullivan at a PCW event this past weekend about John Morrison being involved in the main event of RVD VS MVP: Well, Kevin came up to me, Joey, and forget who else, but they were telling me “Should John Morrison come out before the match starts or after” you know, after the match finishes to challenge the winner…and you know, my intial react, like “they were asking me,” cause Kevin thinks they should do it before hand.”

MVP Talks about how the Miz never complained about being in Developmental: I think it’s weird…umm. I’ll give you an example of the Miz. Very successful, very talented has reached of the highest highs, and I have the upmost respect for him. Cause when we were in developmental down in deep south, you had guys that been around, been a few places who were moaning and complaining about the training. I never heard Mike Mizanin complain not once. Ever. He ran the miles, the squats, the bumps never complained about anything.

MVP on where he was during the earthquake that happened in Toyko, Japan: I was in Sinbad but it was in Tokyo and uh 200 hundred miles away but even in Tokyo, Dude that s**t was f**king insane, watching building rock and cracks open up in the side of the wall. I was in the shrine. My friend Acvio took me there to give me a tour and what not and we went to this under corner, went to this little kya and I had a big tank of beer. We’re eating and talking and like this is my dream come true, like “ I’m in japan, this is amazing”, and quake starts and at first I started smiling like oh s**t my first Japanese earthquake this is cool. And then like s**t just started falling off the wall, s**t was crashing and Japan is like the third most scientifically active country.

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MVP Talks about how he became a bouncer with Kimbo Slice: Yeah, that was my first job on South Beach(Miami-Florida)… Kimbo was the first guy that walked up and I saw him and he looked a lot different then too though but… I was like, “Hey man you guys hiring?” and he said, “hold on let me check.” I heard him say, “he’s a big dude we could probably use him.” Then the head guy came out and said, “yeah come back tomorrow night in a black suit.

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