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New Day vs The Shield at Survivor Series could mean surprise heel turn on Raw

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New Day vs The Shield at Survivor Series could mean surprise heel turn on Raw

Survivor Series is set to be an epic night and you know WWE is planning a couple surprises for us all.

A couple surprises actually happened earlier than expected when Raw traveled to Manchester because there was a title switch and an unexpected member added to the Raw Men’s Team.

After all, not many people expected to see The Bar beat 2/3 of The Shield for the Raw Tag Team titles on Raw. But even fewer people probably predicted the insertion of Jason Jordan into the Raw Men’s Team for the big elimination match at WWE’s November Classic.

“So it looks like it’ll be Sheamus and Cesaro against The Usos and Ambrose and Rollins against The New Day” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio, “And what’s notable there is it’s possible that Roman Reigns — because they announced Roman Reigns was gonna be on the show next week which is what I was told all along that he would be back for Monday in Atlanta.”

“So they could do The Shield vs The New Day or Roman Reigns could replace  Jason Jordan in the match. Because somehow I really sense that Jason Jordan is going heel pretty soon.  So him and Kurt were too chummy so it could be Kurt picks Roman Reigns to replace him on the team and that’s used down the line, or it could be that [Jason Jordan] just turns on the team or something like that and turns on Kurt, I don’t know. I’m just speculating… it’s the only way to save Jason Jordan anyway is to turn him heel. So they really gotta do it at some point.”

Jason Jordan hasn’t captured the fans’ interest like most would have hoped since appearing on Raw as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son.  But let’s be honest, the modern-day audience didn’t even accept it ironically. Therefore WWE needs to do something to make it up to JJ because a smiling Jordan hasn’t done him any favors. He has incredible skill and can carry a match very well. Let’s just hope WWE can figure out how to make it work for him.

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